Fork carriage accessories

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Increase the performance of your fork carriages with efficient accessories, whether standard forks, folding forks or even fork extensions. Using the correct tools, you work safely and efficiently. We would be happy to advise you!


Quality products from Germany with reinforced heel area for up to three times the service life.

Available versions:

  • ISO forks
    • Presently used as standard for the attachment of forks
    • A characteristic feature is the 20° chamfer on the fork hook and the fork carriage section
    • Also available with increased ground clearance (ISO B variant): Depending on the type of fork carriage attachment, this can be expedient to ensure that the forks can contact the ground. 
    • Standardised dimensions for the fork suspension, but special dimensions are also possible
  • DIN forks
    • Frequently mounted on older machines and special fork carriages
    • A characteristic feature is the 90° chamfer on the fork hook and the fork carriage section
    • Standardised dimensions for the fork suspension; special dimensions are, however, frequently encountered
  • Pin-type forks (floating forks)
    • Suspension by means of an eyelet welded to the fork
    • No standard dimensions for the fork suspension
    • Applications: fork carriages with pin-type suspension (partially with floating function), which are generally used on telehandlers

Folding forks DuoLoc

  • Fork blade can be folded up
    • Reduced space requirements
    • Greater manoeuvrability
    • Safety in road traffic when running empty
  • DuoLoc version: locking of the fork blade when folded out
    • Rigid fork blade in the operating position
    • Blade cannot fold up unintentionally
    • Fork blade tilts at the same angle as the fork carriage
    • Fork carriage can be picked up and set down without problems
    • Locking by means of a pin
  • Applications: construction machinery in road traffic, in confined spaces and off-road

Fork extensions

  • For the occasional transport of loads that are longer than the existing forks
  • Exceedingly robust welded box design
  • Efficient use through adaptation to the fork cross section
  • Can be installed quickly and conveniently by sliding them over the existing forks
  • Securely locked in place with a removable locking pin; cannot slip off unintentionally
  • Meet all the requirements of ISO 13284
  • Closed version recommended for the construction machinery sector
    • For transport tasks during which the load is permitted to lie outside the original forks
  • Alternatively: version with an open underside for light-duty applications
    • For transport tasks during which the load is distributed over the entire length of the fork extension

ATTENTION: The fork extension has to be supported by the fork over a minimum of 60% of its total length!

Cranked forks

  • Cranked fork shank provides an unobstructed view of the fork tip
  • Efficient load handling: the fork tips are visible when picking up the load
  • High level of safety: forward visibility is not obstructed by the fork shank
  • Alternative application: wider pallets can be picked up by installing the cranked forks with the bend pointing outwards
  • Various dimensions and suspensions available upon request

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